we value CHILDREN we value FAMILIES

relaxed corporate worship = children are welcome Our Sunday morning services are a place for families.  We encourage families to sit together, to sing together, and to pray together.  This can be a valuable time for parents to model and express their faith for their children, and we encourage parents to engage their children in this worship time.  Children are dismissed to GRACE KIDS Children’s Church prior to the teaching time and our GRACE KIDS Nursery is open throughout the entire service.

age appropriate classes for learning, loving and forming relationships GRACE KIDS Children’s Church offers a safe and friendly environment on Sunday mornings for kids to experience God in an age DSC_0588 appropriate setting.  GRACE KIDS Children’s Church occurs in our services during the teaching time.  We have classes for Nursery (birth – age 3-open for the entire service), PreK & K (ages 4,5, and Kindergarten), and School Age (grades 1-6).  Currently we are able to offer full programs for Nursery – 6th grade at our Downtown and Farmington Campuses, and Nursery- Kindergarten at our Rochester Hill Campus.

extra programs and activities to enhance your child’s spiritual development You are busy and our goal is not to over schedule families.  But we also understand that as parents, you are the primary spiritual teacher for your children and we want to do everything that we can to equip you, support you and enhance your child’s spiritual development.  In addition to GRACE KIDS Children’s Church,  throughout the year we offer various ‘extras’ like Family Nights, Elements of our Faith Class, GRACE KIDS Summer Adventure (VBS), and JAM Camp(a weekend retreat for school age kids).

Questions? Contact Courtney.


If it is your child’s first time at GRACE KIDS Children’s Church, we understand that it might take your child some time to adjust to visiting a new environment.  Our volunteers are warm and friendly and our goal is to make your child feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.  However, if you would like to stay with your child until they get settled, you are welcome to remain in the class as long as necessary!


  • GRACE KIDS Nursery is open to children ages birth – age 3 throughout the entire service and you are welcome to bring your child down at any time.


  • Children will be dismissed to their GRACE KIDS Children’s Church classrooms prior to the sermon.
  • Parents may pick up kids in the Nursery-K classes immediately after the service concludes.  The School Age classes will return to the service in time for communion.
  • Our classrooms are ‘NUT FREE ZONES’!  For the safety of our children with nut allergies, please do not bring any nut items into these rooms. Some of the younger classes may serve Cheerios and/or goldfish as a small snack.  Please alert the teacher if your child has any allergies that they need to be aware of.
  • Sick Child Policy: Please do not send your child to class if they have had a fever, thick/colored runny nose, or have been vomiting within the last 24 hours.
  • If your child is potty trained, please take them to the bathroom before you drop them off for class.


GRACE KIDS Children’s Church works hard to create an fun, age-appropriate learning environment for children to experience and learn about God.  A typical class may include free play, crafts, activities, games, music, and a Bible lesson.

Children in Nursery-K are focusing on Bible stories that uphold big God truths such as God made me, God loves me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

School Age children will participate in a class that runs on a 3 year cycle.  Each year in the cycle there are 2 main topics that are focused on during the year, along with a special Advent and Lent/Easter series.  The remainder of the year is filled with topics that are selected on a yearly basis. Year 1: Bible Basics and In the Beginning Year 2: Ten Commandments and Lord’s Prayer Year 3: Psalm 23 and Apostle’s Creed Be sure to look for your child’s take home page and ask them about what they learned in

GRACE KIDS Children’s Church! Questions? Contact Melissa.