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GYG stands for Grace Youth Group—a great group of high school students who get together to learn about God’s world-changing love while hanging out, making friends, and having fun on a weekly basis.

Through GYG, senior high students learn about Christ and build their faith through regular events, seasonal youth retreats, community service projects, and more.

As a group, GYG students have also been known to make post-midnight trips to IHOP during lock-ins, film scavenger hunts, play 20-on-20 Ultimate Frisbee games, consume 150 hotdogs per hour at BBQs, and dance to Rebecca Black (um, yeah, not sure about that one).

What’s the average GYG night like?
While the schedule varies weekly, students can expect to have a chance to get to know each other through free time and games and spend time praying, singing, and studying the Bible’s real-life applications.
(Duct tape, marshmallows, and Red Bull all make regular appearances at GYG, too.)

Who can go to GYG?
Anyone in high school is welcome—no church experience or application necessary.

When does GYG meet?
 7:00-8:30 PM Thursdays (but come earlier to hang out)

For more info, contact Matt!